“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive”

-Walt Disney

BA (Honors) Animation & VFx


Vibrant pictorials created from still drawings, images, models, or objects posed in a series of incremental actions that are then quickly sequenced to give the illusion of lifelike motion.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects is named as VFx in short. It’s a post-production technique by which pictures are created and manipulated outside the environment of a live-action shot in video and film-making. Integration of live-action and other Computer Graphics (CG) elements to create realistic imagery is called VFx.

‘BA (HONORS)’ in Animation & Visual Effects

It is a career-oriented 3-year bachelor’s degree program tailored precisely for 10+2 completed aspirants, who want to prove themselves in the Media & Entertainment industry. This program is endorsed by Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Masab Tank, Hyderabad and upon successful completion of this program, students will be awarded with a bachelor’s degree from the JNAFA university.

The curriculum is developed by industry professionals and subject matter experts considering the production pipeline, and based on the choice-based credit system (CBCS) norms. CBCS parameter is predefined by the UGC and it includes discipline specific electives, general electives, ability enhancement compulsory courses and skill enhancement subjects.

The training will be imparted through theory lectures, practicals, and internship, while the learning outcomes are evaluated through mid-term examinations, internal assessments, written & practical exams, project, viva-voce and portfolio development.

Course Structure

Semester 01
  • English Communication
  • Drawing (Th. & Pr.)
  • Colour Design (Th. & Pr.)
  • Swayam / Moocs
Semester 02
  • Environmental Science
  • History of Animation (Th. & Tu.)
  • Pre-Production (Th. & Pr.)
  • Swayam / Moocs
Semester 03
  • 2D Portfolio
  • Key Frame Animation
  • Basic Compositing
  • Basic 3D Modeling & Texturing
  • Swayam / Moocs
Semester 04
  • Clay Modelling
  • Advanced 3D Modeling & Texturing
  • Shading & Lighting
  • Basic 3D Animation
  • Swayam / Moocs
Semester 05
  • Rigging – Core
  • 3D Character Animation – Core
  • Digital Sculpting (OR) Photography & DI
  • Acting for Animation (OR) Roto & Paint
Semester 06
  • Camera Tracking & Match Move (OR) Production Management Pipeline
  • Environmental & Character Effects (OR) Advanced Compositing
  • Final Portfolio
  • Internship

Job Roles

Storyboarding Artist | Layout Artist | Background Artist | Lighting Artist | Modeler | Rigging Artist | 2D Animator | 3D Animator | Keyframe Animator | Image Editor | SFx Artist | Rendering Artist | Concept Artist | Texture Artist | Roto & Paint Artist | Compositor | Matchmover | VFx Compositor | Matter Painter | CG Supervisor | VFx Supervisor, etc.

Opportunities in

Technicolor | Makuta | Green Gold Animation | Firefly Studios | Dataquest Entertainment| Deluxe Digital| Prime Focus| EA| Reliance Digital Media Works | Pixelloid | CGTrix Animation Studio | Cosmox-Maya| Rattle Studio | Blender Animation & VFx Studio | Techframes Animation Studios, and many more…